When was the last time you were in the middle of a project only to find that you are one clamp short? Clamps you never have enough of and F-style camps are one of the most often used clamps in the shop. The adaptable quick-adjusting F-style is superb for holding parts in place when you need to screw or nail them together, when you’re in the middle of a complex glue job, or when you need to quickly clamp down featherboards and other jigs.

Yup, F-style clamps are your generic woodshop standard so you might think that one clamp’s just as good as the other. Dig a little deeper though and you will find subtle differences in quality that can make one F-clamp a pleasure to use and another, which has had less thought in the manufacturing process one you’d relegate to the ‘only use if absolutely necessary’ section of your tools. Jet Tools however, goes the extra mile with it’s version of the F-clamp with added padding on clamping surfaces with their trademarked “Sumogrip” ergonomic handle. These Jet F-style clamps are tough enough to give you some actual clamping pressure, with the added ability to adjust quickly and reliably, and have the all essential detents on the bar that ensures the rear jaw won’t slip when you crank the handle. Use it once and you’ll never look back.