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Universal Dust Collection Port
It’s the ultimate accessory for collecting dust from scroll saws, lathes, disc sanders and other woodworking machines.  Universal Dust Collection Port

Spiral Pipe and Fittings for Dust Collection System
Safety, efficiency, and strength are coiled together in these superior dust collection pipes and fittings. All steel construction offers superior rigidity, minimizes static discharge, and adds strength. Spiral Pipe and Fittings for Dust Collection System

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Why should you get tough on dust?  Because it is a health hazard.  I used to scoff at the dust collectors that other fastidious wood workers had in their workshops, until one day I watched a documentary about the effects of what a lifetime of breathing in wood dust could do to your lungs.  The list of health problems encountered by wood workers who had been cavalier about wood working dust is long.  In its mildest form, it can be linked to irritation of your eyes, nose and throat.  In its most severe form, it's been linked to things like nasal cancer, asthma (according to some studies, up to 13% of all woodworkers have some form of dust-induced asthma), chronic bronchitis and emphysema.  Now that I've got your attention about what a little wood dust can do to you, what are your options?


Shop vacuums are very popular amongst wood workers and it's not hard to see why.  They are generally small and inconspicuous and don't scream 'look at me - I'm a serious dust collector!'  However, if you are after systematic dust control, they aren't going to do the job effectively.  Shop vacuums by and large have small capacities for dust collection and their filters don't do a good enough job of trapping the tiny micro dust particles which are the major contributors to allergies and asthma.  If you are going to get serious about dust collection then a complete dust collector system is essential.  After all, you want to be around for many more years doing lots more wood working!  Your health is paramount, don't break the budget on wood working tools and skimp on the dust collector.


If you are in the market for a fairly powerful dust collector but don't have the space for a fixed dust collection system, then consider the #22878 JET Portable Dust Collector.  It's a portable dust collector which doesn't take up heaps of room and can be wheeled from one tool to another.  It utilizes a hood near the work area for the collection of dust left from sanding or routing operations.  It also has the added advantage of being hooked up to any power tool so long as it has a 4-inch port.

JET Portable Dust Collector

JET DC-1100 Dust Collector

If your workshop allows for a full on centralized dust collection system, then the #22642 JET DC-1100 Dust Collector is a good choice that outperforms all others in its class.  It works with a large impeller that pushes wood dust and chips into a 30-micron filter bag and then air out through a second 30-micron filter bag.

Whilst your dust collector system will deal with the major dust collection, you still need protection against all that airborne dust particles that ends up floating around (you know the stuff that ends up on your overalls?).  You can put on your respirator or mask or if you opt for the rolls royce of dust elimination, then you will incorporate an air cleaner as part of your dust collection process.  What this little beauty does is eliminate 98% of all the dust particles that are 5 microns in size utilizing an electrostatic filter.  It is 25% more effective than any ordinary home furnace filter.

#24770 JET AFS-1000 Air Filtration System

What's more, it's super efficient, cleaning and circulating the air in a 20x20x8 shop in just 5 minutes!


2-Machine Dust Collector Starter Kit - #68665
Custom build your own two-machine dust collection system! 22-piece kit includes two elbows, two Y-fittings, two metal blast gates and sixteen 4" wire hose clamps.

Y-fittings are used to service more than one machine and provide increased lateral air flow. All 4" diameter fittings are manufactured from abrasion-resistant plastic. 4" hose sold separately. Whenever using plastic hose and fittings, we recommend grounding the system to eliminate static electricity.

For more on dust collectors, hoses, fittings and other accessories, visit Rockler - click here.

wood working home>garage ideas>dust collectors

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Universal Dust Adapter
7-step adapter provides a multitude of dust collection reducing options. Outside diameter sizes include 1", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4", 5" and 6". Measures 9-1/2" L x 6" W x 6" Deep  Universal Dust Adapter

Dust Collection Basics
This books skillfully guides the woodworker through all the steps necessary in the design and construction of an efficient system and provides tips for easy installation.  Dust Collection Basics

4-1/2'' & 3'' Keyed Hose Clamps
Keyed hose clamps have a thumb screw that allows you to quickly tighten or loosen without a screwdriver or wrench. Makes setting up, changing or cleaning your dust collection system easier! 5 per pack.  4-1/2'' & 3'' Keyed Hose Clamps