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Here's a collection of interesting and helpful articles to help you along the way to being Tim the Toolman Taylor around the house and outside in the yard.  There's no shame in not knowing how to fix a leaking faucet.  Everyone's got to start somewhere.  Even the most accomplished of us in wood working or metal working had to take baby steps initially, so read on and get hooked to all things diy!


Is it really that hard to install a laminate floor?  Experts would have you believe that you should leave it only to professionals and some do-it-yourself stores will tell you otherwise, that even a simpleton could do it, all you have to do is to follow the instructions.  And whilst...

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Protective Eyewear
Wood working tips - cutting plywood
Christmas Figures, Nativity Scenes
Sandpaper and sanding hints
Free woodworking plans
Router (part 2)
Routers (Part 1)
Handsawing tips
Hand sharpening tools
Drilling tips

wood working home>do it yourself / diy articles

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