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Custom Door and Drawer Front Program
Create the kitchen of your dreams at a down-to-earth price with custom cabinet refacing - click here

Fluid Styles Textured Glass
Textured glass is ideal for kitchen cabinets, Choose from 25 different patterns. Fluid Styles Textured Glass

Drawer Divider System
Solid birch slats with semi-gloss lacquer finish are easily cut and modified, plus they’re stackable to fit deep drawer applications. Drawer Divider System

Rotary Recycling Center
Includes three 32 quart white plastic bins which are easily removed and cleaned. Positive return centering device. Includes 6 color coded labels for marking bins. Rotary Recycling Center

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Thinking of doing a kitchen makeover?  Start with looking at your existing kitchen - is it worth saving?  Just because you want a new kitchen doesn't mean you start ripping the cabinets off the walls straightaway.  Whilst you may opt to do that, step back and reconsider :

  • can you just add new cabinet hinges and hardware - it's amazing what new cabinet knobs and pulls can do for your kitchen.
  • are you happy with the overall layout of the kitchen?  If you are, then have you thought about just doing a cabinet refacing?  It's a lot less than forking out for a whole new set of cabinets.

Okay, so you've decided you're happy with how the kitchen functions ie the overall layout is great as is and you just want a cabinet refacing.  What are the benefits of just refacing (adding veneer) the cabinets?

  • old cabinets are usually of a better quality than the new ones - a lot of old kitchen cabinets are actually made of solid wood, not just MDF.
  • you can save a substantial amount of money by keeping the old cabinets.
  • the existing cabinets are already installed, leveled and operational, saves you the hassle and time of doing that all yourself.

Refacing Cabinets
Refacing Cabinets
Your only source for making an old kitchen into a stunning new one by refacing the cabinets with real wood or plastic laminate.

  • taking out existing cabinets can result in a huge hole in your wall or damage plumbing and electricals if you aren't careful.
  • if you choose to install a new kitchen, you're going to have to settle for take-out in the meantime unless you relocate to a temporary kitchen facility elsewhere in the house.

Put On A Happy Reface

Put On A Happy Reface

Custom Cut-to-Fit Cabinet Plywood End Panels

Custom Cut-to-Fit Cabinet Plywood End Panels

Custom Door and Drawer Front Program

Custom Door and Drawer Front Program

Cabinet refacing typically involves replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and refacing your cabinet faces with veneer, solid wood, or plastic laminate to match. It's easier than you may think and will produce a completely new look.  The entire job can be completed in a few days or weekends, depending upon the size of your kitchen and the types of hardware and accessories you add. With the right combination, you can create a striking new kitchen that's customized to your own needs and specifications. And, you can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home in the process.


Step #1 of Cabinet Refacing

Choose Your New Door, Drawer Fronts & End Panels.  Take a look at your kitchen cabinets now and pick doors and drawer fronts that match the fit and finish of the existing kitchen cabinets.  If you're real handy and can make your own cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  Alternatively, you may choose to have them custom-made through Rockler's Door and Drawer program. Old, broken down drawers can also be replaced entirely. With plenty of styles to choose from, buying them ready-made from Rockler's custom door and drawer program is an affordable alternative that can save lots of time and energy. If new doors and drawer fronts alone won't complete the job to your satisfaction, the option of refacing your existing surfaces' end panels and face frames is a great way to coordinate existing casework with your new doors and drawer fronts.  Note: Drawers that are in good condition may need only to have their drawer slides replaced. If the replacement of broken drawer slides is necessary, see Rockler's selection of Drawer Slides.

Step #2 of Cabinet Refacing

Once you've selected your new cabinet door and drawer front styles, you can decide on a cabinet refacing alternative to match. Veneer and wood surfaces or Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF) laminate are the suggested cabinet refacing methods. For the look and feel of a wood surface, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) wood veneer and 3/16" plywood end panels are great.  Cabinet door and drawer fronts of solid wood or matching PSA veneers are available in red oak, cherry, maple, ash, and hickory from Rockler. Or, opt for a matte white finish which is also available in a durable RTF laminate on a solid MDF core.

What are the advantages of cabinet refacing with wood?

Nothing offers the beauty, elegance, depth and texture that can only come from a natural wooden surface. Wood covering can be easily installed with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) wood veneer that perfectly matches your doors and drawer fronts. PSA Veneers are self-adhering and offer "peel and stick" simplicity. Clean up goes fast because there are no messy glues or cements required. For extra durability around corners, solid wood sheets are available. However, solid wood will require more work and expense. Plywood panel doors are a select grade with solid wood frames for a durable and lasting emplacement.

What are the advantages of cabinet refacing with RTF?

RTF technology is a flexible and durable vinyl foil laminate that is pressure molded over a lasting substrate. This state-of-the-art laminating process creates a surface that is many times more rugged and hardier than paint or finish. It is versatile and can be molded into a wide range of styles such as raised panel or cathedral arches. This is an excellent alternative for a durable and washable matte finish.

Step #3 of Cabinet Refacing

For great actual step by step pictures and the run down on the nitty gritty of cabinet refacing, visit Rockler and read their cabinet refacing guide.  Click here.

wood working home>wood working hardware>cabinet hardware>cabinet refacing

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